Latest Updated Sources for Nourishing Traditions

Appendix C


Updated September 2020

Acerola Powder: Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Amalaki Powder:

Arrowroot Powder: Bob’s Red Mill (503) 654-3215,; Azure Standard (541) 467-2230,; Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Atomidine (iodine solution):

Azomite Mineral Powder:

Baby Bottles, Glass: Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Baby Formula Products: All products for homemade baby formula may be

ordered from Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Bee Pollen: Vitamin Shoppe (888) 880-3055,

Bifidobacterium Infantis: Life Start by Natren (800) 992-3323; Radiant Life

(888) 593-8333,

Biodynamic Products (including fruit and vegetables): for a list of certified

biodynamic farms, the Demeter Association (315) 364-5617,

Bitters:, (800) 944-1511;; or at health food stores.

Breads: See the Shopping Guide, available from the Weston A. Price Foundation (202) 363-4394,

Butter, Grass-Fed and High-Vitamin: See the Shopping Guide, available from

the Weston A. Price Foundation (202) 363-4394,

Butter Oil, High-Vitamin (X-Factor): Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,; Green Pastures Products (402) 858-4818,

Buttermilk Culture: New England Cheesemaking Supply (413) 628-3808,; the fil mjolk culture from Sweden, which is similar, is

available from G.E.M. Cultures, (707) 964-2922.

Coconut Oil: Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,; Wilderness

Family Naturals (800) 945-3801,; See the Shopping Guide, available from

the Weston A. Price Foundation (202) 363-4394,

Cod Liver Oil: Note: as of 2009, a fermented, low temperature-processed highvitamin

cod liver oil is available from Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,; Green Pastures Dairy (402) 858-4818,; For the most current information on cod liver oil, visit

Colostrum: Low-temperature dried colostrum from pasture-fed cows from Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Corn Mill: Lehman’s (888) 342-2387.

Corn, Dried Kernels: Community Mill and Bean (800) 755-0554; Spiritual Food

for the New Millennium (888) 384-9642 or (301) 654-4899.

Creamed Coconut: Available in Asian and Indian food shops; Native Forest brand in supermarkets and health food stores 

Cutco Knives: (800) 633-8323,

Dolomite Powder (Calcium Carbonate): NEEDS (800) 634-1380,

Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds: (760) 743-2211,

Flax Oil: Omega Nutrition (800) 661-3529,; also Barlean’s

brand available in health food stores.

Gelatin: Bernard Jensen Gelatin (made from beef) available from Radiant Life

(888) 593-8333,; (See note on use of gelatin, page 126.)

Ghee, Organic:

Grain Mills: Jupiter grain mill may be ordered from; other mills are available from Lehman’s (888) 342-2387 and Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Grain Roller:

Grains, Biodynamic: for a list of certified biodynamic farms, the Demeter Association (315) 364-5617,

Grains for Sprouting: Jaffe Brothers Natural Foods (760) 749-1133.

Grains, Organic: Natural Lifestyle (800) 752-2775; Community Mill and Bean,,

(800) 755-0554.

Honey, Raw: Really Raw Honey (800) REALRAW; Moonwise Herbs (920) 457-


Jet Stream Oven:

Kefir Grains: G.E.M. Cultures (707) 964-2922,

Kefir Powder: G.E.M. Cultures (707) 964-2922,

Glandular and Organ Extracts: desiccated liver from Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,;; Standard Process (available through health care practitioners) (414) 495-2122.

Kombucha Mushrooms: G.E.M. Cultures (707) 964-2922; 

Kombucha (ready made): See the Shopping Guide, available from the Weston A. Price Foundation (202) 363-4394,

Lact-Aid Breastfeeding Support System: (423) 744-9090,

Lactose: Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Macadamia Nuts: Raw macadamia nuts are available at Trader Joe markets and

occasionally at Fresh Fields Whole Foods markets.

Maple Syrup (organic, non-formaldehyde): Coombs Vermont Gourmet (888) 266-6271,

Meat, Pasture-Raised: See the Shopping Guide of the Weston A. Price Foundation

(202) 363-4394, or contact a local chapter, listed at

Milk, Raw: or contact a local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, listed at, (202) 363-4394.

Minerals (for adding to water): ConcenTrace, Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,; Azomite (877) 296-6483,

Miso: South River Miso Company,, (413) 369-4057.

Noni Juice: or in health food stores.

Olive Oil (organic, extra virgin): Pietro del Marco (914) 723-5850; Bariani Olive

Oil from Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Organic Foods: National Organic Directory (800) 852-3832. See the Shopping Guide of the Weston A. Price Foundation (202) 363-4394, or contact a local chapter, listed at

Parchment Paper: and in many stores.

Pickling Lime: Mrs. Wages pickling lime (800) 647-8170,

Piima Culture: Moonwise Herbs (920) 457-9290,; G.E.M.

Cultures (707) 964-2922, carries the Finnish viili culture, which

is similar.

Probiotics: Primal Defense from Garden of Life (sold at health food stores).

Rapadura: (800) 207-2814,

Sauerkraut Crocks:;

Sea Salt: Grain & Salt Society (800) 867-7258; Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Seaweed, Unsprayed:

Sesame Oil: Omega Nutrition (800) 661-3529,

Sunflower Oil: Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Sourdough Bread Cultures: G.E.M. Cultures (707) 964-2922,

Soy Sauce, naturally fermented: South River Miso Company, (413) 369-4057; Gold Mine Products (800) 475-3663,

Spices and Herbs (nonirradiated): Frontier (800) 669-3275,

Sprouted Wheat Tortillas: Alvarado Bakery (707) 585-3293.

Stevia Powder: (800) 4STEVIA; Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

Stainless Steel Baking Pans and Cookie Sheets: Natural Lifestyle (800) 752-


Stoneware: Bread pans and muffin tins available from the Pampered Chef (630) 261-

8900 or (248) 656-0808,

Sun Dried Tomato Bits (or Diced):

Water Filters: Reverse osmosis system that restructures and remineralizes the water

From Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,; Doulton ceramic filter with additional fluoride filter from

Yeast Flakes, Nutritional: Radiant Life (888) 593-8333,

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