The Oiling of America DVD

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Mary G. Enig
Presented by Sally Fallon

US $24.95
2 hours

Margarine is the bad guy and butter and eggs are the good guys

For fifty years, big business, government agencies and medical organizations have campaigned deceptively against animal fats, meat, eggs, butter and other nutritious, traditional foods, leading to huge profits from the sale of toxic margarine, shortenings and liquid vegetable oils, and the foods that contain them. Scientific data contradicting current anti-animal fat public health policy was suppressed and censored for many years. Dr. Enig and Sally Fallon now tell you the truth about how that happened.

The Oiling of America will open your eyes to fraud and deception behind the lipid hypothesis of heart disease.

Topics include:

  • How scientists cheat in scientific studies
  • Why cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease
  • The dangers of cholesterol-lowering diets and drugs
  • Why trans fatty acids and liquid vegetable oils are so dangerous to human health

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